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Polaroid Now Cameras

Live for the moment with your memories on film and the Polaroid Now i-Type instant camera. Equipped with an autofocus 2-lens system, the Polaroid Now instant camera chooses the best lens for your setting, meaning better photos both up-close and further away. An evolution of the original OneStep cameras that shot to fame in the 1970s, the Polaroid Now i-Type instant camera offers the same point-and-shoot simplicity with next generation features to take your analog instant photography to the next level. Can’t decide which shot to take? Tap into the Polaroid Now’s built-in double exposure mode, where you can harness the power of two photo exposures in a single Polaroid frame. The Polaroid Now camera also packs a human-friendly flash and fun self-timer feature, perfect for those occasions you want to be in the photo too. And there will be plenty of photo moments with your Polaroid Now instant camera. Like any Polaroid camera, the Polaroid Now camera draws a crowd, especially in punchy, eye-catching colours like yellow and red. Prefer something more classic? The Polaroid Now instant camera also comes in black and white exteriors, perfect to pair with your of black and white film. Shop a range of i-Type film for the Polaroid Now instant camera featuring the iconic white frame, or give your photos that extra something with a limited edition film release perfect for the Polaroid Now. Shop the latest instant cameras, Polaroid film, accessories and more for the Polaroid Now on